Unfinished Projects

Sometimes my crafting gets out of hand.  Around Christmas time I find myself in a pit full of yarn, mason jars, fabric, glue, felt, and copious amounts of glitter.  Suddenly all my craft projects that I have had delusions of grandeur about finishing all come due.  I need to make so many things my vision blurs.  Everywhere I look there is a partially complete project staring at me.  I work until hand cramps stop me, but there is always a little more to do.

This year though all those projects had to wait.  I had a special project.  My sister in law got married and her shiny new husband needs a stocking.  Usually my mother in law would painstakingly sew sequin after sequin perfectly in order to create a pristine stocking masterpiece.  But she died and she left an unfinished stocking among the broken hearts and lost dreams.  I couldn’t do much to fix any of the pain, but I could take that stocking home to finish.

I’m not as precise and not nearly as flawless a seamstress as she was, but I got it done.  I finished that sock mimicking her style the best I could.  So this year my new brother will have his stocking.  It won’t be perfect, but it will be there to hang on the mantle.  She would have wanted it that way.  At least I proved in the end that she was the far superior stocking maker.

So all my unfinished craft projects have a little more meaning this year.  When someday I do the inevitable and die, I hope there is someone there to pick up my projects and finish them, someone to leave their own crafts on hold to finish mine.  Because I know if there is someone left to do that it means I had someone who really loved me.  And isn’t that what life is all about…to love and be loved.


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