Happy 2018… I guess?

I still can’t believe that it is 2018.  It seems like yesterday I was drinking champagne and looking back on the death-filled shit show of 2016.  Then I spent the last week in a bout of depression-drinking reflecting on how 2017 turned out to be an even greater catastrophe.  I shouldn’t have been surprised given the world we live in, but apparently there is some seed of optimism in me after all.  I just keep it deeply hidden inside the unrelenting anxiety ball of my brain.

Around 1:00 AM on the first all I kept thinking was that I need to go encase Betty White in bubble wrap because nothing is ever allowed to happen to her…ever!  I need her around because she gives me hope.  Betty starred in the Golden Girls when she was 63!  That’s when it started.  She was 70 when in the last episode.  70!  And that was ages ago!  Since then she has made dozens of movies and television shows.  She has brought joy and laughter to everything she touches.  The woman just gets better with age.

At this point in my life I realize that I may need a few more years…or decades…to reach my full potential.  I need for Betty to be around to remind me it is possible.

So stay strong Betty White, and Happy New Year to all.  Here’s hoping 2018 is less of a train wreck!