Thank You For Your Service

Dear Veterans,

You have the toughest job on earth.

Sometimes I like to think I have suffered in the line of duty as a teacher, like when last Friday I found myself under a cafeteria table desperately tugging at the damp shoelace of a seven year old that had gotten stuck between the metal of a table leg.  After much frustration and some mental cursing I managed to free the little guy, yes I had won that battle.

All was well and I was feeling rather like a winner until later when I ran my fingers through my hair.  And they snagged.  On goo.  Dried goo.  Goo that had congealed into a massive rat’s nest of miscellaneous cafeteria floor fluids.  Defeated I went home that night to actually follow the shampoo bottle directions as I washed, rinsed, and did indeed…repeat.

So not that it is a surprise, but let it be know that I could never do what you have all in the line of duty.  You have raced into battle, guns blazing while never leaving a man behind.  Some of you have even suffered the terrors of Prisoner of War Camps, surviving horrific torture.

I on the other hand nearly water-boarded myself in the bathtub today.  I was merely trying to self-medicate myself for a tension headache caused by a few rowdy students by taking a hot bath.  As I soaked I placed a damp rag over my face to block out the light and steep.  Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the actual dampness level of the towel.  I soon realized that it was well beyond damp when I began to choke and sputter as I breathed in bath water.  It sort of ruins the relaxation process when you inhale your people-tea bathtub water.

Anyway, thank you Veterans for being tougher than me, and providing us the freedom to get coated in cafeteria goo and water-board ourselves.