I Am So Qualified

Recently I have realized there are several jobs for which I would totally kick ass at:

1. Ice Cream Taster (I never get brain freeze.  Perhaps I just have an exceptionally warm mouth…or I may be lacking a brain.  The jury is still out.)

2. Kitten Snuggler

3. Sloth Race Winner (That’s a race with all sloths…except for me…and I would totally win.)

4. Sofa Tester

5. Massage Therapy Test Dummy (People could rub my back all day long, you know, for practice.)

6. Cheese Maker

7. Movie and Television Critic

8. Professional Napper (I would get paid to take naps for people who don’t have time to take their own naps.)

9. Plastic Peeler (I will come to your house and peel that amazingly thin layer of plastic off all your new electronics.)

10. Palace and Castle Squatter (Have a palace, or a castle?  Need someone to live in it for you?  I’m your girl!)

I’m writing up my new resume now.

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