Hard Core Knitting

Hello, My Name is Kelly and I am a compulsive knitter.  Over the years knitting rescued me from anxiety and fear.  Those repetitive little stitches were always there for me.  I could escape to the pull of the yarn and smoothness of the needles and forget about everything but the sensation of knitting.

But there is a dark side to knitting.  Injuries happen.  Legit, knitting injuries can plague a knitter.

I frequently have to tape up my pointer and middle fingers when I am going on a knitting binge.  Otherwise you learn the hard way what it feels like to have skin rubbed raw by wool and wood.  It is not pleasant to suddenly discover you have knit so much your fingers are a swollen, red, raw mess.

Once I was going through a rough time at work.  So naturally I spent the next eight hours on Saturday in a marathon knitting session to help cope.  By the end I was feeling much better about work and ready for a rest.  Unfortunately Sunday I awoke unable to move my right hand without excruciating pain.  What had I done?  I tried to ignore it, but after a while I realized this was a pain that would not be ignored.

I found myself at the urgent care center answering a bunch of questions.  Had I fallen?  Had something hit my wrist?  Were there bruises?  Finally I had to own up to the activities of the previous day.  Perhaps my compulsive knitting session from the day before had something to do with my pain?  This was one of the hardest things a knitter can ever have to admit.  The doctor was all, “Duh, ya think?”

It turns out you can sprain your wrist quite badly from a marathon day of knitting.  The doctor cut me off from knitting for a month.  That lasted about a week.  By then I had figured out that you can still hold a knitting needle with a wrist brace on.  You can’t keep a good knitter down!

Then there was the incident in which I learned to never store my knitting bag by the foot of the couch.  I was taking, a little cat nap and had just woken.  While laying there my husband, Ryan, took my order for Chinese take out.  As I listened to him phone in the order I decided I should get up.  In the process of sitting up I threw my legs towards the ground where they found my knitting bag and the point of a knitting needle standing straight up in the bag.  That is when knitting gave me a major puncture wound.

I felt an incredible sensation, like lightening and shooting up through my foot.  I grabbed my leg at twisted it around to find a size seven double pointed knitting needle protruding from my foot.  I was impaled.  It is strange the logic that ensues as time slows down during these moments.  Panic washed over me.  I was completely speechless and my husband was so busy on the phone he hadn’t even noticed his wife was wearing a sharp object as footwear.

I remember staring at that long needle coming out of my foot and wondering how much blood would squirt out if I just yanked it out.  I figured I couldn’t seek medical care with a knitting needle flopping around from my foot, so I took a deep breath and tore the needle from my foot.  Sweet baby Jesus, relief!  Blood did not squirt across the room, but instead just sort of trickled out.  My voice had come back at this point as well and I hollered at Ryan to bring me paper towels.

This is when he noticed me sitting there with a bloody tipped needle in one hand and the other covering the ball of my foot.  I got to form an interesting explanation of how I had been skewered by a crafting tool.  He was not amused.  It took a great deal of pressure, but the bleeding stopped.  I managed miraculously to convince Ryan not to haul me to the emergency room with the promise that I would go to the doctor the next day.

After an x-ray and many strange looks as I tried to explain to the doctor that knitting can be a full contact sport too, I was given a clean bill of health.  It turns out they can’t do much to fix knitting related puncture wounds anyway, so I’m glad we saved ourselves the ER co-pay.  I did learn my lesson though and I relocated my knitting bag to a safer place by the coffee table, fool me once…

But this goofy little craft gives me enough pleasure to put up with an occasional visit to the emergency room.   Knitting helps me cope with life, and for that I am willing to risk a few injuries along the way.