A First World Kind of Torture

I suppose I am lucky to live in a place with readily available preventative healthcare.  And living in the US, I am probably also super lucky to have access to health insurance that we can afford.

But dear god I am experiencing one kind of shit storm up in here!

Due to some hereditary good times from the DNA pool, I get to have a colonoscopy every five years starting at the entirely too early age of 30.  So this in number two… pun intended.

The last time I prepped for my colonoscopy my intestines decided that they were not going to play my laxative induced games and they held on to everything until the wee small hours of the morning.  Making for a shitty night with no sleep, literally.

This time however, my large intestine has clearly thrown up the white flag and given an early surrender.  So early in fact that horrible things happened.  Basically I have been on a liquid diet supplemented only by massive quantities of laxatives.  Therefore I am currently a hangry, sharting bitch…who now must do extra laundry…damn-it!

Ugh, I am so glad I have access to get a colonoscopy tomorrow…I guess…