I am totally winning at this life thing.  I have recently discovered a paradigm shifting new nutritional regime.   Ladies and gentlemen I give you: The Wine Diet.

It turns out that instead of snacking on bits of yum-yums such as candies and chips you can just get mildly trashed on wine every night.  Evidently wine makes me forget to eat mostly because I am a bit dizzy and navigating to the pantry is too hard.  This may be the key to a new dress size!

Plus the cats seem to approve, so you know all is well.  Bottoms Up!

cats wine

My House Is So Clean!!!

It turns out the best way to keep your house ultra clean and become a veritable domestic goddess is to start a blog. I even like writing.  I really do, but it is freaking hard.  In fact aside from exercise and taxes it is the hardest thing that I force myself to do on a quasi regular basis.

Lucky for me though it turns out I am a masterful procrastinator.  My house is cleaner than it has been in weeks, and my husband is better fed than he has been since school started.  I have even vacuumed the baseboards people, BASEBOARDS!

I finally ran out of laundry to do today, so ah here I am.  Who knew that I would inadvertently solve all of my domestic woes just by blogging.  #lickmyfloors #procrastinationpro


Nana Nana

How many times have you had a banana that is just too cold?  Or perhaps you unfold that brown paper lunch sack only to find a mangled bruised banana mess looking up at you forlornly.  You may just wish your nana were a little more stylish with its clothing choices.  Or maybe you have a bit of a fruit fetish.

Well fear not for no matter your nana problems I have the solution.  I have recently learned to knit…the banana cozy.

banana hammock

Fixing your problems, one banana at a time.  You’re welcome world.